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the club illusion

Along Pasay Road in Makati, just a few minutes walk from Dusit Hotel, Hotel Intercon and Shangri-La Hotel is an almost mystical place called Club Illusion. The exact location is 1008 RER Building, Pasay Road Makati City, Philippines.

At Club Illusion, each night is a night to experience many wonders that some may say is too good to be true, they are not mere optical illusions but our way of entertainment.

Come and visit us at the Entertaiment Club Illusion and we guarantee the best entertainment each time you come. " THE BEST THIS SIDE OF ASIA "

what`s new?

Sunday event, a day of wine and roses together with the Human Touch.
Wednesday night affair, a night to remember together with the Wannabe.
TGIF, A night of joy and laughter together w/ the Human Touch .
Club Illusion's 19th year Anniversary. Join us on this very memorable event.